FLY BOYS - (FB-04) Chorus
FLY BOYS - (FB-04) Chorus
FLY BOYS - (FB-04) Chorus
FLY BOYS - (FB-04) Chorus

FLY BOYS - (FB-04) Chorus


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Subtle yet sublime, the FB-04 offers up analog chorusing at its finest.

The FB-04’s warm, shimmering pulses breathe life into your music. The perfectly tuned Depth control adds spacious modulation without making you feel seasick. A Level control adjusts the blend between Dry and modulated voices for further fine-tuning of the effect.

The FB-04 stacks well with Distortion and Delay effects for additional tonal variety. The FB-04’s healthy low-end response also makes it ideal for creating realistic fretless simulations on Bass Guitar.

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