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POWER-GRIP® (10-meter) professional pedal board tape - pedalboard dual lock and velcro alternative

POWER-GRIP® (10-meter) professional pedal board tape - pedalboard dual lock and velcro alternative

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10-Meter Roll (15% off single roll price) – Single-sided, 10-meter (Approx. 33 feet) x 1 inch wide roll – Enough tape to cover PT-3 & still have some tape left over for your pedal backs.

For the best Pedalboard Dual Lock and Velcro Alternative, try Power-All Power-Grip®. Simple, yet ingenious, Power-Grip® pedal board tape mates to itself via rows of tiny mushroom-shaped posts that form a much stronger bond than traditional "hook & loop" Velcro fasteners. Just cut to size, apply, and GRIP!


  • Mounting surfaces must be free of grease, dirt, loose particles, and moisture.
  • Mounting surfaces must be smooth, even and stable.
  • Metal surfaces should be cleaned with Acetone prior to mounting.
  • Plastic & lacquered surfaces should be cleaned with Lighter Fluid prior to mounting.
  • External temperature should be approximately 68° F (20°C) while applying Power-Grip.
  • Cut two identically-sized strips of Power-Grip® to the desired length.
  • Fasten one strip to the object to be mounted and the other strip to the mounting surface.
  • Press tape down firmly and evenly – use of a pressure roller is recommended.
  • Use additional pairs of strips as needed for a stronger grip.
  • For maximum adhesion, expose the adhesive to hot air (140°-180° F) for at least 2 minutes after mounting.
  • Allow at least 24 hours for the Power-Grip® adhesive to set.
  • Press the two Power-Grip® strips together and GRIP!


  • The Power-Grip® adhesive backing will form a permanent bond over time. Once this occurs, Power-Grip® may damage painted surfaces or leave adhesive residue if removed. Residue can be removed with Acetone or Lighter Fluid.
  • Power-Grip® adheres best to smooth surfaces such as coated metal or plastic. It will not adhere well to very rough surfaces such as unfinished wood, etc.
  • When in doubt, test adhesion to the surface FIRST using a small piece of Power-Grip®.
  • We do not guarantee that Power-Grip® will be suitable for all applications and we do not take responsibility for loss or damage to property due to improper use/mounting of Power-Grip®.


TEMPERATURE RANGE: -22° to +200° Fahrenheit (-30° to +93° Celsius)
ADHESIVE: Virtually weather & waterproof. Resistant to aging due to moisture & heat in accordance with Ford Spec. SKM-3G9512-A
DIMENSIONS: 25 mm (1 inch) wide, Approximately 5.4 mm (.2 inch) thick including backing adhesive
STEM COUNT: 42/CM2 (Approx. 100/ Inch2)
SHEER STRENTH: Approx. 100 N/CM2
STORAGE: Dry, Dust-free, Dark area w/max. 75°F temp., 50% Humidity Level. 12-months maximum shelf life.


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